About Me


Character Designer, Illustrator & Storyteller

Vincent is an artist from Dallas, TX. He was born in Cameroon, Africa, and raised in McAllen, TX before settling in Dallas in 2022.

He specializes in colorful and vibrant character works involving pop culture icons and shonen-inspired protagonists. Vincent is inspired by cartoons and anime, comics and manga, African folk tales, and narratives that focus on coming-of-age stories. He spends his time creating characters, tinkering with tech, and aspires to be a full-time illustrator running an art shop creating art for businesses and individuals alike.

Recently he has worked with Tivoli Audio, Tacko Fall, PWRFWD, Ambiview, Bomba Estéreo, Magnus Racing, and more.

Vincent is creating his own collection of self-contained worlds and universes one character at a time.