1Cons Update 3.0 is Out!

1Cons update 3.0 is finally out. I want to thank everyone who purchased it. You can get it here on the site or on Etsy on your purchases page.

With this pack, the goal was to release it. I know shocker. Most of the icons in this pack were requested by previous buyers and the fewer ones were newer apps I recently started using like Pile and Home Assistant.

I hope I was everyone was able to get an icon that they really wanted. It was not intended to take this long to update BUT it has been updated and if there are some apps you were missing, check this pack for something fresh or as usual, request them here.

Stay Creative,

Vincent Bekong | @mrbekong


I am Vincent Bekong, Freelance Illustrator and Character Designer by day, medium article writer by night! You can find me on Upwork for project collaborations or on Instagram @mrbekong for one-off commissions.

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