1Cons Update 2.0 is out! Check Your Inboxes!

1Cons update 2.0 is finally out. I will admit, this one took longer than I expected. I will say, I am glad with the icons I ended up including. 

This update includes some apps I recently started using like Agenda and some international favorites (I'm in the U.S.) suggested by some of you.

I hope you all like this new update and I am proud to let you know I already have an Update 3 folder on my computer with one icon already in and many more on the way. Thank you for supporting me. Ciao!

Stay Creative,

Vincent Bekong | @mrbekong


I am Vincent Bekong, Freelance Illustrator and Character Designer by day, medium article writer by night! You can find me on Upwork for project collaborations or on Instagram @mrbekong for one-off commissions.

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