1Cons Update 2.0 is in the works!


Hey all, Vincent here once more. Here is the official update on the latest update to my 1Cons icon pack. This includes icons not previously in the pack and you get it at no cost.

What’s to Come?

As of now, as far as this icon pack goes, I will still be taking requests for the pack till further notice. It benefits all of us, I create high-quality, AMOLED icons and you get an icon or 2 that you want, WIN-WIN. As far as grander things go, I have nothing planned besides the regularly scheduled icon additions, however, I plan on designing some dark mode wallpapers to match the vibrancy of the icons. Stay tuned! 1Cons Update 2 releases on 04/02/2022 with apps like PostFinance, SoFi Finance, and Yahoo Sports to name a few. . Remember you can always submit icon requests on the product page. 

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